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About Ultrasonics

Ultrasonics Working For You

Ultrasonic cleaning is essentially utilizing the reaction that takes place when high frequency sound waves are applied to water, the result of which causes a reaction called cavitation. When sound waves are applied to a bath of water, microscopic bubbles are formed. These bubbles reach a point of implosion, and its this imploding action of the bubbles that creates a scouring effect against a surface area  such as metal, plastic, glass, rubber, or ceramics. The resulting effect removes undesirable particulate (dirt, oil, grease, etc.) from that surface.

This scouring effect is enhanced with the aid of heat and a mild cleaning solution. This maximizes the advantage of ultrasonics over many other cleaning methods because it penetrates areas (crevasses, blind holes, recesses) within your parts and equipment that would never be touched otherwise.

By taking advantage of the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning, you can ensure that your parts and equipment are going to operate with optimal performance. Outlast and outperform your competition, while saving yourself valuable time and money, by investing in your new high powered ultrasonic cleaner from SEVERECLEAN today!

View the NYSERDA Technical Report about the benefits of ultrasonics.

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