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Warranty Information

  • Tank - 1 Year from date of purchase, non-transferable
  • Generator - 2 years from date of purchase
  • Transducers - 10 year warranty covering bond adhesion
Warranty coverage of all the above stated items, is at the discretion of SEVERECLEAN. SEVERECLEAN reserves the right to determine the cause of the fault in question, and refuse coverage if found to be outside the terms of this warranty.

SEVERECLEAN assumes no responsibility for damage caused to any customer's parts or facility due to misuse of any of our products. With proper use, our products should safely fulfill cleaning needs for a long duration of time.

Cavitation erosion is a side effect that occurs during the ultrasonic cleaning process. There is no warranty covering this occurrence. To help guard against and slow the process of this erosion, the owner/operator should use proper maintenance of the equipment before, during and after the cleaning process.

If SEVERECLEAN finds that the unit is under warranty, SEVERECLEAN will pay to have it shipped one way, either to or from our facility. If it is not under warranty, the owner of the equipment is responsible for shipping costs to and from SEVERECLEAN, as well as repair costs.

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