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SC-70 Crane and Hoist System         

SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics offers a convenient, cost effective, and safe crane and hoist system for your ultrasonic cleaning system.  Most systems in the past were designed around expensive, automated, multiple tank configurations.  Now, with this simple, robust design, you can turn the standard SC-70 single tank unit into an ergonomic, portable workstation in about 1 hour.

By using the portable crane and hoist system, one person can load multiple parts into the 250 pound capacity basket, lift and lower the basket into the tank, and begin the ultrasonic cleaning process. Because its overall height is less than 8', this unit will easily fit into most typical cleaning rooms. The hoist system comes standard with locking casters for convenient portability.

Affordability, safety, and better cleaning, when you choose SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics!

Severe Clean Ultrasonic Cleaner SC-70 with Optional Hoist System

Model SC-70 with Optional Hoist and Crane System


  • Height: 7' 5"
  • Width: 4' 1-1/2"
  • Depth: 3' 0"
  • Length of Boom: 5' 3"
  • Weight Capacity: 250 Lbs.
  • Four Heavy Duty Locking Casters

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