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SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics Cleaning Agents

SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics has a complete line of ultrasonic cleaning agents developed for all of your metal cleaning applications.  Our cleaners are very concentrated, requiring less per application, which will drive down your operating costs.  When these cleaners are used in combination with our powerful ultrasonic units, you will have success in the removal of substantial contamination.

Please contact us if we do not specify a cleaner that will fit your particular cleaning needs.  We will work with you to formulate a cleaning agent that will fit your exact application.  A complete cleaning trial may be recommended with your parts before going into full production.

Our chemicals come in four convenient sizes:
2.5-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon and 275-gallon tote sizes.

A concentrated alkaline cleaner that is designed to remove heavy carbons, greases, and oils. SevereNitro will clean most metal and will remove light rust from steel. This cleaner is not recommended for use with aluminum.

Formulated for maintenance crews that need an all-metal cleaner, this concentrated alkaline cleaner is also the preferred cleaner in the auto industry.  SevereBlast is our best aluminum cleaner.  It will also pull carbons and oils from all metal parts.

This neutral cleaner has a pH of 7 (water) designed for the food industry.  It is formulated for down-the-drain technology and is blended for milder contamination.  It is safe for use on all metals and plastics. This agent removes polishing compounds, oils, coolants, grinding dust, light greases, flux, and smoke from your delicate parts.

This is the recommended cleaner for those customers trying a new cleaning agent.  SevereEruption is designed for extremely difficult cleaning applications to remove oxides, rust, coolants, and scale.  This cleaner will brighten most metals - including steel - and will leave a practically new appearance to copper, bronze, and brass. This is not recommended for use with aluminum.

SevereAttack is a concentrated blend of surfactants and rust inhibitors used for a variety of steel cleaning applications, when common acids and alkaline cleaners are not needed. This cleaner can be used for a variety of reasons, including gun cleaning, knife making, circuit board cleaning, blind cleaning, and many other types of metal pre-cleaning. Since this product has mild rust inhibitors in it, this will help guard against flash rusting when combined with the power of ultrasonics. As with any change in process, it is recommended that a cleaning trial is completed before mass part cleaning takes place.

After cleaning your steel parts with our cleaners, SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics recommends using our SevereRinse rust inhibitor to keep your parts rust-free. When blended to our recommendations, parts will remain rust-free for 30 or more days.

For proper disposal, chemicals must be neutralized to a pH of 7 (water). SevereUp and SevereDown will bring the pH on any of our chemicals back to a neutral level for down-the-drain disposal. Oils and other solid contaminants should to be captured ahead of neutralizing.

Please contact us for any special process needs and/or pricing!
(800) 452-0639

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