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At Everyday Performance LLC, we were looking for a way to quickly and thoroughly clean zinc carburetor castings without discoloring the casting, and we were looking to do so in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. I chose to work with SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics, because they had the most powerful units, and Robb Jones’ thorough and prompt responses to my questions showed me that customer service counted at SEVERECLEAN.

The SC-11 Unit I received is clearly the class of the field. It is obvious right away that it is sturdily built and rugged, with quality manufacturing. And, it performs as promised, it gets results. Also, the customer service I received from SEVERECLEAN has been excellent. So much so, that I intend to continue doing business with them whenever I need anything for Ultrasonic cleaning. Prompt, courteous and thorough, Robb Jones was and continues to be the consummate professional. That personal involvement and attention set SEVERECLEAN apart from the myriad of detached, faceless customer service reps from other companies I have dealt with, who would disappear after making a sale.

From answering questions, to promptly returning emails and phone calls, to shipping and delivery of the unit I purchased, SEVERECLEAN continually impressed me. There were no let-downs. I can sum up my experience by saying that, across the board, you will not be disappointed if you choose to do business with SEVERECLEAN.

Ken Gies
Owner, Everyday Performance LLC
Granby, CT

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This tank is outperforming us and making us work harder!  The improved cleaning times have been an additional benefit.  We were used to the longer cleaning times for our parts but now our SEVERECLEAN tank generator can be set to half-power and still clean our parts in half the time we were getting previously. 

When working with SEVERECLEAN we were serviced thoroughly.  They were always prompt to respond and cater to our needs.  Very reliable and there was never concern that our questions couldn’t get answered.  We actually had another rep come out and when we attempted to get in contact with him again he couldn’t ever be reached and we weren’t ever called back. 

Visually the tank has a rugged, rough and tough appearance to it.  There isn’t a cheap look like some of the other tanks can have.  It’s rewarding knowing that you’re spending your money on a resilient piece of equipment.  Even the basket is the highest quality that I’ve seen.  I don’t ever worry about damaging the basket due to its extraordinary durability.  The basket has increased productivity since we now have the option for more capacity to clean. 

I would love to have another tank and would definitely work with SevereClean again.  We’re very happy with the product that we have and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again in the future. 

Brandon Hisel 

We have the perfect combination of solution with a stronger and faster tank.  We brag about the company and would recommend them to anyone!  I had 28 years on the previous machine and the reason I decided to work with SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics was because of the people.  The customer service was outstanding and extremely professional.  Everywhere else I looked they wanted you to buy a tank and didn’t seem willing to help you with it at all.  It was like they were saying “just buy it and do it yourself”.  The staff at SEVERECLEAN is friendly, courteous and knows their entire product line inside and out.  They had an answer for every question and were quick to respond when getting in touch with me.  I had inquired with another company but it was surprising that they couldn’t answer any questions about chemicals or parts and didn’t even know the dimensions of their tanks. One company that I called didn’t even get back to me for 2 weeks! 

There is a night and day difference in the cleaning times.  We’ve gone from 3-6 hours down to 10-15 minutes.  We would so commonly put parts in to clean and then leave for a while and just check on them every so often that we now have to adapt to keeping an eye on them.  This machine is also much quieter than what we had previously.  I would have employees who would complain whenever we needed to clean anything and now we can clean what we want when we want. 

I feel 100% confident that I spent my money on a better product that has the support to go with it.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from SevereClean again.

 Gene Willis
Griner and Schmitz

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Originally we bought the SC-6 unit to be used for testing chemicals, but the powerful ultrasonics of the SEVERECLEAN unit required a unique, more advanced line of chemicals that would allow the unit to work properly.  Other cleaners can be used with the unit, but the SEVERECLEAN cleaning agents are specially designed to work with the SEVERECLEAN units.  The renewable, safe resources used in the SEVERECLEAN chemicals are approved for use in food-grade industries.  They offer down-the-drain technology, less what is added into the solution such as oils and solids pulled from parts which are forms of contamination.

The unit is cleaning parts that have never been cleaned before at times that had never been reached and I have seen people who have been in business 40-50 years, who aren't familiar with SEVERECELAN, who are absolutely blown away. When you're cleaning a product that used to take you 45 minutes to clean that now only takes 15 seconds; you know you're doing something right.
A grounded individual has created a product that he should be more than proud of.  I would absolutely recommend this product!

Mike Sampson
EMCO Finishing Products
Jamestown, NY

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 Working with the team at SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics has been a pleasure. From purchasing to installation everything went smoothly. 

I had  researched other ultrasonic cleaning companies and was sold on the fact that the SEVERECLEAN tanks provided more watts per gallon.  I sent them sample parts for a cleaning trial and they sent back the cleaned parts which I was pleased with.

We are now enjoying the labor saving benefits of no longer having to sandblast our carburetor rebuilds prior to the coloring process.  The SEVERECLEAN unit provides hands-free cleaning in minutes, saving us both time and money. 

Tom Cancilla Jr
Custom Rebuilt Carburetors
Middlesex, NJ

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As a large plastic injection plant, we use our ultrasonic cleaner every day. We run our plant 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are dealing with very tough out gassing and stains as a byproduct of injection molding. Our SEVERECLEAN unit is a vital part of our mold maintenance department. We have other ultrasonic cleaners in our department, but they are not as efficient as the SEVERECLEAN unit. The SEVERECLEAN has cut our cleaning time down by over 50 percent. The people at Jamestown Advanced Products are very helpful through the sale. If we called with a question, or needed help, they were at our door that day. We count on service like that so we can keep our plant running. As our older ultrasonic units start to age you can bet we will replace them with SEVERECLEAN units.

Senior Mold builders and Maintenance Technicians,

Bob VanSlyke, John Longstreth

Tech Molded Plastics; Meadville, Pa

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Santanoni Glass & Ceramics produces the world’s strongest glassware and is sold under the name of Hercuglass. The process requires some extreme cleaning before it makes it to the end user, you and me. In our search for methods to accomplish this we found SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics. Since incorporating their technology we are:

· More Efficient
· Reaping Cost Savings
· Providing Our Customers with Clean Products in a fraction of the time

We couldn’t have found a better company when it comes to customer service. They explored our process thoroughly by working with us closely are provided us with a custom solution to meet our needs. We had a couple of glitches when starting up, but SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics was right there to correct the problem.

John Lang
Santanoni Glass & Ceramics

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I was looking to replace my twelve-year-old ultrasonic cleaner and was working with four different companies at the time. The other companies that I was working with acted like I was inconveniencing them and you had to basically twist their arm to get information out of them. Ken Hammond, the salesman that I worked with at SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics, was not only very helpful but extremely knowledgeable when it came to answering my questions. What really sold me was the fast turnaround time; I had my ultrasonic cleaner in less than 20 hours, and I couldn't be happier with the results. This unit is so powerful my parts are cleaner than ever and in less time. I especially like that I don't have to worry about chemical waste disposal, as the cleaner is environmentally-friendly. I couldn't be happier with my purchase from SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics.

Walter Beacham, Beach Marine
Pasadena, MD

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We purchased a small cleaner from SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics about 1 year ago to clean & remove corrosion / build up from the Aircraft water faucets. The cleaner has proven versatile and invaluable. Previously it took 40 to 60 min. per unit for cleaning by hand. Now we can clean up to 6 units simultaneously in 20 min., the labor cost savings alone supported a very short term return on our investment. It has helped us to reduce our labor time, on time delivery times (customer satisfaction), be more competitive and the primary concern of business owners today…increasing profitability.

When finished, these units literally look like new internally and in the Aviation Industry, quality is a major focal point. In our opinion any component service type business where cleaning is required, these machines are worth every penny!

Ken Mosier
Erie Aviation Inc.
Erie, PA

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The professionals at SEVERECLEAN are knowledgeable and experienced in the ultrasonic cleaning industry.  They took the time to understand both my cleaning and budgetary needs.  Now with the help of my SC-11 the removal of carbon, grease and other contaminants from marine engines and boat carburetors is a breeze.  The SEVERECLEAN benchtop cleaner has helped increase productivity by saving me both time and money.  I have other tanks and the quality of the SEVERCLEAN tank is impressive.  If you are looking for an ultrasonic provider that is always there for you, providing extraordinary customer service then I highly recommend SEVERECLEAN Ultrasonics.

Craig Settevig
Nisswa Marine
Nissaw ,MN

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