SevereClean Ultrasonics offers precision cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications. We manufacture a standard line of ultrasonic cleaning systems, as well as custom styles to accommodate a customer’s specific cleaning application. SevereClean will design a system to remove dirt, oil, grease, carbon, and numerous other contaminants, in an environmentally friendly way. 


Customized tank dimensions and power for all your cleaning needs.

Table Top Units

Small units ranging from 6-18 Gallons. Most suitable for use on a counter or cart with small parts.

Console Units

Large Units ranging from 30-70 Gallons. Most suitable for a stationary area with large parts.

Immersible Transducer

The heart of ultrasonic technology! All transducers provide more watts, and power, for a better clean.

Cleaning Agents

Powerful non-toxic cleaning agents to clean even the dirtiest parts.


Everything you need to Compliment your tank. From baskets and lids to hoists and carts.

SevereClean Ultrasonics