SevereClean Ultrasonics offers precision cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications. We manufacture a standard line of ultrasonic cleaning systems, as well as custom styles to accommodate a customer’s specific cleaning application. SevereClean will design a system to remove dirt, oil, grease, carbon, and numerous other contaminants, in an environmentally friendly way. 

SC-Custom Ultrasonic Tank


Customized tank dimensions and power for all your cleaning needs.


Table Top Units

Small units ranging from 6-18 Gallons. Most suitable for use on a counter or cart with small parts.


Console Units

Large Units ranging from 30-70 Gallons. Most suitable for a stationary area with large parts.


Immersible Transducer

The heart of ultrasonic technology! All transducers provide more watts, and power, for a better clean.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Agents

Powerful non-toxic cleaning agents to clean even the dirtiest parts.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Hoist


Everything you need to Compliment your tank. From baskets and lids to hoists and carts.

SevereClean Ultrasonics